Affordable Housing:  Stop Displacement—caused by high rents, foreclosures, evictions   We work with New England United for Justice (NEU4J), City Life/Vida Urbana, and the Right to the City Coalition to keep people in their homes---by fighting against gentrification and for a Just-Cause Eviction law that would protect tenants and foreclosed homeowners from corporate landlords.  

End Mass Incarceration   We work with Boston Workers Alliance and the statewide Jobs Not Jails Campaign to end the drug war, mandatory minimum sentencing, and the school-to-prison pipeline; and to fight for living-wage jobs for former prisoners and for all workers.

Black Lives DO Matter   We participate in the post-Ferguson (8/9/2014) Black Lives Matter movement, by supporting protests and campaigns against police brutality and systemic racism, and for economic justice and equality; and we do outreach to white people to build support for an inclusive, just society.

Anti-War Action    We oppose wars and interventions because they do not make us safer, they waste lives, and they bankrupt our country. 

Fund Our Communities – Cut Military Spending 25%    We work with Boston and Boston-area coalitions to pressure Washington to cut military spending, create jobs, and fund human needs in Dorchester.

Support Our Youth and Their Future   We work closely with youth organizing groups to rally for jobs and better education so young people have serious alternatives to joining the military. We take part in efforts to end community violence.